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Why Work with Us?

We deliver the highest quality fluoroelastomer products and the best customer service in the Elastomer industry.

Our knowledgeable engineering staff and relationships with top FKM suppliers ensure we are constantly monitoring new developments in the fluroelastomer industry.

Quality Control and Technology

Conformance to product requirements is assured through our world class facility and quality system certified to AS9100 with ISO 9001. Eagle Elastomer, Inc. is on the cutting edge of FKM and FFKM Elastomer technology.


Industry News

Advancing Electronics and 5G Technology with Fluon+™ EA-2000

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The ever-growing electronics industry continues to see a need for high quality fluoropolymers. According to AGCCE: "The electronics industry is constantly growing, and with the ever-increasing need for communications and...

Fluid Transfer Pumps

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New to fluid transfer pumps? Here is an explanation. Consider this from Machine Design: "Fluid-handling or transfer devices are not basically concerned with the modulation or transfer of power, but...


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O-Rings are used for a myriad of applications. Consider this. According to IQS Directory: Chapter 1: What is an O-Ring? "An O-ring is a round elastic loop that is used...

Peristaltic pumps – advantages and applications

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You've heard of peristaltic pumps, but what are applications for the pump? According to Manufacturing Chemist: "Peristaltic pumps are suitable for dispensing, metering and general transfer applications. Typically, peristaltic tubing...