As explained by Industrial Rubber Goods in their article “FFKM Performance and Application,” FFKM, or Perfluoroelastomers, represent a pinnacle in synthetic rubber technology, widely known under the trade name VITON. FFKM is integral to sealing in the most demanding technical environments due to its comprehensive fluorination, which combines the properties of fluorizating rubber and PTFE Teflon.

Properties of FFKM: FFKM boasts exceptional heat resistance and unparalleled chemical stability. It can withstand harsh acids, alkalis, ketones, oxidants, fuels, and other aggressive compounds where conventional fluorizating rubber fails. Additionally, FFKM maintains its elastic properties at temperatures up to 300°C, making it invaluable for high-temperature applications.

In industries such as medicine, semiconductors, and chemicals, the use of FFKM in seal products extends seal life, reduces service costs, and minimizes pollution. FFKM products are versatile, available in forms like O-rings, V-rings, plates, and sticks, and can be molded with metal when required.

Environmental Protection and Pollution Prevention: FFKM products outperform other rubber products in durability and chemical resistance, significantly reducing chemical leakage and volatile emissions. This makes FFKM a preferred choice for applications where environmental protection is crucial. Its slow aging in corrosive environments and excellent sealing ability, even under high temperatures, ensure long-term purity and compliance with stringent FDA standards.

Reduced Maintenance Costs and Enhanced Efficiency: FFKM’s homogeneous structure, absence of seepage and pinholes, and superior heat and chemical resistance contribute to its outstanding sealing properties. These features enhance equipment operation cycles and reduce maintenance costs by minimizing accidental downtime. FFKM’s reliability and durability improve technical stability and extend equipment operating time, offering substantial benefits to users.

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