As outlined in the comprehensive resource on ScienceDirect titled “Fluoroelastomer Applications,” fluoroelastomers play a critical role in providing seals and fabricated parts with exceptional fluid barriers, especially under demanding service conditions. These applications are extensively discussed in various chapters, including “Fluid Resistance of VDF-Containing Fluoroelastomers,” “Fluid and Heat Resistance of Perfluoroelastomers,” and “Fluid Resistance of TFE-Olefin Fluoroelastomers.”

Automotive Applications: Approximately two-thirds of fluoroelastomers are utilized in automotive applications, primarily in fuel and powertrain systems. Despite the relatively small amounts used per vehicle, typically less than 500 grams, these components are vital for ensuring safe, reliable operation and environmental protection.

Other Industry Applications: Fluoroelastomers find applications across a diverse range of industries, including aerospace, appliances, fluid power, the chemical industry, the oil field, semiconductor fabrication, and various industrial sectors. These applications encompass critical functions such as sealing, fabrication, and environmental protection.

Specialized Uses: Fluoroelastomers are also employed in specialized applications, such as process aids in the extrusion of hydrocarbon thermoplastics, demonstrating their versatility and adaptability across different manufacturing processes.

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