Introducing Viton™ A-401C* fluoroelastomer, a premium “A-family” dipolymer meticulously crafted for compression molding of sealing devices requiring precise fluoroelastomer specifications. Combining the renowned heat and chemical resistance of Viton™ with enhanced processing and rheological properties, Viton™ A-401C* stands as a paradigm of excellence in sealing technology.

Compared to Viton™ E-60C, Viton™ A-401C* showcases a host of improvements, including fully precompounded formulations with optimized O-ring curative levels. Its advanced composition facilitates superior compression molding with increased mold flow, easier mold release, and reduced fouling, ensuring seamless production processes. Moreover, enhanced extrusion capabilities and a heightened cure rate further augment its performance, coupled with improved resistance to compression set.

Viton™ A-401C* finds extensive applications across various industries, including O-rings, extruded cord, gaskets, seals, and profiles. Formulable to meet stringent fluoroelastomer specifications such as Mil-R-83248B, AMS 7276D, and AMS 7259A, it exemplifies versatility and reliability in diverse sealing applications.

Safety and handling guidelines provided by Chemours ensure the responsible use of Viton™ A-401C*. With precautions outlined in the technical bulletin, “Handling Precautions for Viton™ and Related Chemicals,” emphasizes the importance of adhering to recommended practices for safe handling and processing. 

The commitment to innovation and excellence is epitomized in Viton™ A-401C*, offering cutting-edge sealing solutions that redefine performance standards in the industry.

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