Eagle Elastomer expanding Peninsula facility

By March 15, 2018articles, News

After generating about 24% growth in 2017, Eagle Elastomer Inc. is planning to expand, according to Neil McHale, vice president of operations.

The Peninsula company, which mixes fluoroelastomer compounds and extrudes and cures fluoroelastomers as well as sheet products, saw much of its oil and gas business come back during the last year, following a drop-off in 2015 and 2016, he said.

“We saw a lot of that business come back in 2017,” McHale said. “Not to the levels it was at before that, but with some of the other growth we saw, we definitely had a nice shift back in that direction.”

Eagle is investing $1.25 million into a 15,900 square-foot expansion onto the back of its building, scheduled for completion by May. The expansion includes new automated panners, new extrusion cutting and marking equipment, and a new oven.

The expansion process originally started before the market slowdown in 2016, when the company decided to pause it because of a complication with the builder at the time, McHale said.

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