As detailed on the Viton™ website in their article “Fluoroelastomers with Enhanced Properties,” the Viton™ A-type family of fluoroelastomers represents a class of dipolymers composed of hexafluoropropylene (HFP) and vinylidene fluoride (VF₂). Widely utilized in extrusion, injection molding, and solution coating applications, certain grades of these fluoroelastomers also serve as effective curing agents and metal adhesion promoters.

Applications: Various products benefit from the exceptional properties of Viton™ A-type fluoroelastomers, including O-rings, valve stem and shaft seals, components with complex geometries, fuel hoses, tubing, and solution coatings for fabrics, tanks, and chemical containers.

Features and Benefits: While all Viton™ A-type fluoroelastomers offer notable temperature and chemical resistance, different grades may offer additional advantages such as lower viscosity, faster cure rates, reduced mold fouling, improved mold flow and release, as well as enhanced compression set resistance and tear properties.

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