Summary: In a world where product reliability is key, especially in the automotive industry, a wire harness supplier was hit hard by unacceptable failure rates of their Fluoroelastomer (FKM) tubes. When their original manufacturer left them in the lurch, Eagle Elastomer stepped up, showcasing its ISO 9001:2015 certified processes, dedication to quality, and expertise in fluoroelastomer products. Using a blend of advanced testing and certified Viton™, Eagle Elastomer not only identified the root of the problem but delivered a solution that dramatically transformed the failure rate, ensuring the smooth functioning of automotive wire harness systems.

Industry: Automotive
Processes: Evaluation, Testing, Recommendation
Category: Tubing

An automotive wire harness supplier was on the brink of a crisis: their Fluoroelastomer (FKM) tubes, vital components in their products, were failing at alarming rates. The tubes were splitting open as wire bundles were slid inside. To make matters worse, their Asian manufacturer was out of solutions. In their quest for resolution, they turned to Eagle Elastomer Inc., placing their trust in a company renowned for its fluoroelastomer products expertise.

Upon receiving the problematic tubing, the experts at Eagle’s Quality Lab delved deep. Their findings were startling. Contrary to expectations, the tube wasn’t made of 100% Fluoroelastomer polymer. Instead, it was turning brittle after post-curing—a phenomenon atypical of pure FKM materials—and displayed a disconcerting lack of tear resistance. Determined to understand the anomaly, Eagle sent the sample to an external laboratory. Their suspicions were confirmed: the tube was a blend, with only a fraction being genuine Fluoroelastomer while the rest comprised various other polymers. Quality Lab

It was clear that a switch in materials was imperative. Eagle Elastomer, armed with its dedication to quality, suggested their compound EE97380B, crafted from 100% virgin Viton™ Fluoroelastomer polymer. This recommendation was a game-changer. The new compound didn’t just meet the supplier’s specifications—it soared beyond them.

The results were palpable. The once problematic wire harness tubes, now fortified with Eagle Elastomer’s certified Viton compound, stood robust and reliable. The previously daunting failure rate plummeted, allowing the automotive wire harness supplier to ramp up production and regain the trust of their clientele.

Eagle Elastomer’s intervention wasn’t just a showcase of their industry-leading fluoroelastomer products. It was a testament to their commitment to quality, innovative problem-solving, and the transformative power of genuine collaboration.

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