Emerson Bearing oil seals

By January 8, 2020articles, News

Oil seals keep contaminants separate from the lubricants that keep rotating shafts and precision bearings in good working order. Oil seals are also known as rotary shaft seals, lip seals, and shaft seals.

Emerson Oil seals

Inch Measurement Oil Seals: These seals provide essential functions in the majority of industrial equipment and factories. Various lip materials are available to suit design requirements such as temperature and chemical resistance, including nitrile for low-temperature applications and Viton for high-temperature and low-compression operations.

Metric Oil Seals: Oil seals are available in both imperial and metric dimensions for single- and double-lip designs.

Garlock Isolator Style Oil Seals: These seals provide a suitable solution for applications in harsh environments. Advantages include no metal-to-metal contact, a single-piece design, no shaft wear, and simple installation. They are appropriate for use with most Goulds pumps and available in non-metallic models from ISO-GUARD or metallic varieties from GUARDIAN.

Benefits of Oil Seals

Properly installed, an oil seal will help keep machinery in perfect working order. Its primary functions include retaining or separating fluids, maintaining a bearing’s lubricity, preventing seal leakage, and preventing the entry of foreign contaminants. Other benefits of Emerson Bearing’s oil seals include:

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