Advancing Electronics and 5G Technology with Fluon+™ EA-2000

Posted by eagle on  May 12, 2021
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The ever-growing electronics industry continues to see a need for high quality fluoropolymers. According to AGCCE: “The electronics industry is constantly growing, and with the ever-increasing need for communications and data transmission, high-performance materials are key to the success of the sector. Fluoropolymers play a crucial role in the industry due to their superior chemical resistance and inherent high purity, enabling improvements in functionality and reliability. “As the capabilities of semiconductor manufacture grow with time,

Fluid Transfer Pumps

Posted by eagle on  February 15, 2021
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New to fluid transfer pumps? Here is an explanation. Consider this from Machine Design: “Fluid-handling or transfer devices are not basically concerned with the modulation or transfer of power, but only with the movement of fluid. Two major types of fluid-transfer pumps are positive-displacement (either bulk-handling or metering pumps) and nonpositive-displacement (centrifugal). “Plunger or piston pumps are one type of commonly used positive-displacement pump. They usually consist of one or more pistons that draw fluid


Posted by eagle on  February 11, 2021
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O-Rings are used for a myriad of applications. Consider this. According to IQS Directory: Chapter 1: What is an O-Ring? “An O-ring is a round elastic loop that is used as a seal for static and dynamic applications. Their main purpose is to serve as a seal between structures such as pipes, tubes, in pistons, and cylinders. O-rings are made of various materials depending on how they will be used and are highly pliable. When

Peristaltic pumps – advantages and applications

Posted by eagle on  January 29, 2021
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You’ve heard of peristaltic pumps, but what are applications for the pump? According to Manufacturing Chemist: “Peristaltic pumps are suitable for dispensing, metering and general transfer applications. Typically, peristaltic tubing pumps offer flow rates as low as 0.0007 mL/min to 45 litres/min and are able to generate pressures up to 8.6 bar (125 psi). “Peristaltic pumps confine the media to the tubing, so that the pump cannot contaminate the fluid and the fluid cannot contaminate
Rear-Side View of Car

Advanced Polymers Drive Automotive Lightweighting

Posted by eagle on  January 27, 2021
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Polymers are changing many industries, including the automotive industry. According to Machine Design: “Automakers are committing significant resources to develop electric, autonomous, and hybrid vehicles. These OEMs also need to meet rising demand for greater connectivity in every class of car, including vehicles with internal combustion engines. Automotive lightweighting, a design strategy that seeks to reduce vehicle weight, isn’t new. It has, however becoming more important for reasons beyond fuel efficiency and emissions reductions. Today,