Industrial finishing equipment manufacturer Guyson International has focused its engineering expertise in solving a crucial problem during additive manufactured orthopaedic implant manufacture. The new Guyson ‘Powder Flush’ has been designed to specifically flush residual additive manufacturing (AM) powders from medical implant trabecular structures, which aid the interlocking human bone growth into the implant. Increasingly the world’s orthopaedic manufacturers are turning to additive manufacturing to drive the long term change in the increased complexity of medical
Fluoroelastomers are a type of synthetic rubber which offers extraordinary resistance to chemicals, oil and heat, along with an expected service life above 200°C. This material possesses a high ratio of fluorine to hydrogen, outstanding heat stability due to absence of saturation, and exceptional oil resistance compared to other rubbers. Fluoroelastomers are categorised based on their properties and are divided into three broader categories FKM, FFKM & FEPM. FKM accounts for (80 %+) of the

New generation of cylinders and a huge product range

Posted by Social Media on November 5, 2019

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AHP Merkle’s extensive portfolio includes hydraulic cylinders, locking cylinders, block cylinders, circular block cylinders, screw-in cylinders, tie rod cylinders, short-stroke cylinders, cube cylinders, flanged cylinders, double-lined cylinders, stamping cylinders, AHP standard cylinders, DIN standard cylinders, hydraulic cylinders with external guides as well as electro-hydraulic linear drives, core pull units and push units. Among the latest on show are the company’s tie rod cylinders, which are equipped with new linear cushioning. According to the company, these
A manufacturer that punches out several parts from a single sheet of steel was having a problem with oil occasionally spraying out from between two hydraulic valve sandwich modules. They would disassemble the D03 valve stack and find one of the O-rings completely gone. The valve stack had been taken apart several times over the last three years, and only new O-rings were installed. Viton 95-durometer O-rings were used because they have a Shore durometer
Global Emulsion Styrene Butadiene Elastomer Market Growth 2019-2024 from its database. The report presents the up to date and useful market insights revealing the product definition, product type, and variety of applications. The report broadcasts study with an in-depth overview, describes the product/industry scope, presents market outlook and status to 2024. The study of Emulsion Styrene Butadiene Elastomer product manufacturers which contribute to the higher market share satisfying the consumer demands and supply will reflect