Insulation Flanges Market insights offered in a recent report

By July 17, 2019articles, News

The key application of insulation flanges is to isolate cathode protection systems. These insulation flanges are equipped with plastic to provide insulation and prevent the flow of electric current, which helps in preventing electrolytic corrosion. These insulation flanges are mostly used in equipment or pipelines that contain fluids. Their key application is to minimize corrosion. Insulation flanges are installed at regular intervals in a pipeline.

Insulation flanges are economically viable for end users or customers and they increase the service life of an equipment by protecting it from getting corroded. In addition to that, insulation flanges reduce the downtime due to electrolysis, help to eliminate galvanic corrosion and cut the buildup of eddy current. These advantages will ensure that the insulation flanges market sees steady growth trend during the forecast period.

Insulation flanges are commonly deployed in every piping system as they can control and confine electrolytic corrosion. Insulation flanges are manufactured to meet the ANSI standards and directly increase the safety of pipelines and other industrial assets. Hence, insulation flanges are commonly used in industries, such as petrochemical, oil and gas (including refinery) and chemical industries.

Insulation Flanges Market: Market Dynamics

Insulation flanges are majorly deployed in hazardous environments to reduce sparking and prevent the flow of electrostatic charge. Manufacturers are creating insulation flanges from materials with high dielectric strength, less water immersion and chemical stability for use in refineries and chemical plants. These factors will make the global insulation flanges market to grow at a steady growth rate.

Insulation flanges are also deployed in oil and gas industry where these products are exposed to hydrocarbon emission, weathering and salt water. However, insulation flanges can withstand extreme weather conditions as they are manufactured using rugged materials. Such developments will make the global insulation flanges market witness stable growth during the forecast period.

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