JohnDow releases 25-gallon capacity tank

By December 11, 2019articles, News

BARBERTON, Ohio — Automotive shop equipment and supplies manufacturer JohnDow Industries Inc. (JDI) has launched the Diesel Caddy, a 25-gallon capacity, 14-gauge steel tank that is designed for professional automotive service, agricultural, heavy-duty and construction markets.

JohnDow said the tank has been tested and approved to U.L. requirements for leakage, rupture, stability, abuse and endurance and can be used with diesel and bio-diesel fuels. It meets OSHA approved standards.

The Diesel Caddy has heavy-duty 10-inch steel wheels, a fill level gauge and a wide footprint for stability, JohnDow said. It has a heavy-duty cast iron rotary pump with carbon vanes and Viton seals, offering two-way operation for siphoning or dispensing diesel fuel. One gallon is delivered for every 12 revolutions on the pump handle.

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