Perfluoroelastomer and fluoroelastomer seals for semiconductor wafer processing equipment

By August 13, 2020articles

Curious about the effectiveness of perfluoroelastomers and fluoroelastomer seals used for semiconductor wafer processing equipment? Consider this report.

According to The Journal of Fluorine Chemistry:

“Parts made from fluorinated elastomers, e.g., Kalrez® perfluoroelastomer parts, parts made from Viton® fluoroelastomer, are widely used as seals on semiconductor wafer processing equipment. Many of these seals are required to function in harsh chemical environments and at process temperatures ranging from 25 to 300 °C. Fluoroelastomers, including those of the perfluoroelastomer type, have extraordinary resistance to chemicals and heat, enabling them to withstand virtually any process media, including reactive plasmas, at temperatures as high as 316 °C.

“This paper is a review of perfluoroelastomers and fluoroelastomers used in semiconductor wafer processing. These seals offer cleanliness and lack of contamination while maintaining sealing functionality in aggressive media. Applications requiring resistance to both “wet” and “dry” process chemistry include etching, ashing, stripping, copper plating and chemical vapor deposition. Applications requiring thermal resistance include LPCVD, diffusion furnace and rapid thermal processing (RTP). A relative comparison of the various types of perfluoroelastomers used as well as a comparison to other elastomeric materials will also be discussed.”


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