Custom Fluoroelastomer Mixing

Base Polymer & Suppliers:
  • Chemours Viton™ Fluoroelastomers
  • 3M: Dyneon™ Fluoroelastomers
  • AGC Chemical Company: Aflas® Fluoroelastomers
  • Solvay: Technoflon® Fluoroelastomers
Polymers: co-polymers, ter-polymers, peroxide curable polymers & specialty polymers Cure Systems: Bisphenol, Diamine & Peroxide Stock Compounds: Available for molding, extruding & calendering, applications (for quick turn around with only a 10 pound minimum). Specialty Compounds: Designed to offer base resistance, extreme chemical resistance, explosive decompression resistance and more. Color Options: Black, brown, white, green, blue, yellow, purple and red. Durometer Range: 50 to 95 Shore A. Mixing Equipment:
  1. Computer controlled weigh-up system that verifies ingredients and weights, prints labels and stores all data for traceability.
  2. TMP 35 liter tilt out style mixer is computer controlled using Tangential 2-wing style rotors designed for high shear mixing.
  3. Open Mills 12", 20", 36", and 60" maintained monthly by operator and rebuilt as required. We utilize open mills for smaller volumes, specialty compounds, and development purposes.
Batch Sizes: We have the capability to mix 2 pound lab samples to 500 pound lots of fluoroelastomer compound. Each batch is mixed using the best practices and then tested to ensure uniformity and quality acceptance. Compound Forms: We have the capability to provide compound in Strip, Slab, Granulate and Calendered form. Utilizing our Extrusion expertise, we can also pre-form fluoroelastomer compounds to meet your requiprements. Compounding Philosophy: In applications which demand the superior performance of fluoroelastomers only consistent, high quality compounds will suffice. To achieve this, Eagle Elastomer uses only the finest ingredients. NO regrind, reprocessed, off spec, or wide-spec materials are employed. Combined with the attention to detail in the subsequent manufacturing practices and verified through laboratory testing, the same superior quality is obtained batch after batch. We encourage you and your team to visit our facility to view our capabilities.

Our Process

The manufacturing of high-quality fluoroelastomer products requires sophisticated technology, pristine, world-class manufacturing facilities, and a commitment to delivering only products of the highest quality to the customer. This is why you should choose Eagle Elastomer.

Weigh Up

Complete materials traceability from receipt to finished product shipment.

Mill Mixing

Versatility in batch sizing and color control.

Internal Mixer

Exceptional uniformity within and between batch due to computerized control of mixing parameters.

Batch Off

Various packaging options including precision cut slabs and long length strip rubber.

QA Lab Testing Capabilities:

In our temperature controlled QA Laboratory, we have the following testing capabilities:
  1. Rheometer (MDR & ODR)
  2. Durometer Shore A
  3. Specific Gravity
  4. Mooney Viscosity
  5. Tensile/Elongation
  6. Compression Set
This commitment to our employees and the quality of our products is outwardly apparent in the following programs in which we participate: Eagle Elastomer is certified to the AS9100 Aerospace Quality System. Eagle Elastomer is certified to ISO 9001 Quality System Standard. Viton™ is a trademark of The Chemours Company FC, LLC, used under license by Eagle Elastomer, Inc.

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