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Fluororelastomer Cured Extruded Products: Eagle Elastomer Inc. has 4 extrusion lines with the supporting autoclaves and post cure ovens to produce premium quality Fluoroelastomer cured extrusions. We only process Eagle elastomer compounds made from 100% virgin prime raw materials. The extrusion products we offer include standard and close tolerance Fluoroelastomer O-ring, square, rectangle and quad cords for compression sealing applications. We offer fluoroelastomer tubing products for peristaltic pump, fluid transfer, wire jacketing and many other industrial purposes. We also offer custom fluoroelastomer profile extrusions to customer prints like U-channels, C-channels, P-bulbs, and many different shapes and sizes for different industrial applications. Our cured extruded products are fully cured and post cured to maximize physical properties. Our cords are 100% inspected using laser technology to ensure our product meets the required specifications. Select the compound below that meets the material requirements you are looking for. If the fluoroelastomer compound you require is not listed, contact our customer service team for compound development information.

Product Application Durometer Polymer Type Color Form Minimum TensIle Strength (PSI) Stock Cured Products Compounded to Meet Profile Specifications
ee94475h Compression, Injection, Transfer 75 Viton GLTS™ Black Extruded Pre-Form, Slab, Strip, Calendered Sheet 2700 No
ee97376b Compression, Transfer 76 Viton B™ Black Slab, Strip, Calendered Sheet 2238 Yes O-Ring Cord, Profile, Sheet, Tubing
EE96175B Compression, Injection, Transfer 75 Viton A™ Black Extruded Pre-Form, Slab, Strip, Calendered Sheet 2250 No O-Ring Cord, Profile, Sheet, Tubing AMS 3216G
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