Product Durometer Polymer Type Color Minimum TensIle Strength (PSI) Stock Compounded to Meet Sheet Specifications
ee97359a 60 Viton B™ Black 2200 Yes
ee98178h 75 Viton GFS™ Black 3200 Yes
ee98380l 80 Viton F™ Black 2130 Yes
ee97376a 75 Viton B™ Black 2345 Yes
ee96290b 90 Viton A™ Black 2290 Yes AMS 3218C
ee96174f 75 Viton A™ Black 1974 Yes FDA Compliant, USP Class VI, 3A Sanitary
ee96255a 55 Viton A™ Black 1230 Yes
ee94575h 75 Viton GLTS™ Black 2200 Yes AMS-3384
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