Hazardous Chemical Perfluoroelastomer Handling

Compound #MPF-0750
Broad Based Chemical Resistance Grade FFKM compound with Excellent Compression set properties


MPF-0750 is a fully fluorinated peroxide curable elastomer compound based on a 3M FFKM polymer. This material offers good sealing properties and is designed for hostile chemical environments. MPF-0750 is designed to be used in environments where exposure to Alkalis, Ammonia, Concentrated Acids, and Fluorinated gases, Hydrofluoric Acid, Ketones, where typical FKM elastomers will fail. Along with the broad chemical resistance this compound also has excellent compression set.

In addition, other factors that would have you choose MPF-0750:

  • Designed for services requiring low permeation and high temperature resistance (<220C) while maintaining a good seal
  • Ideal for wet chemical, fluid handling, cleaning and chemical etching
  • Mixed and pre-formed under strict manufacturing guidelines in Eagle Elastomer’s with ISO 9001 with AS9100/2009 Rev C registration
  • Can be purchased in slab, extruded pre-form and cured extrusions
  • Experienced technical support with processing FFKM materials

Rating comparison of MPF-0750 and a 70% Fluorine FKM

Fluid MPF-0750 FKM
Benzyl Amine A D
Ethylene Diamine A D
Butyl Acetate A D
Propionaldehyde A D
Glacial Acetic Acid A D
Pyridine A D
Steam Resistance A D

A – recommended for continuous use
D – not recommended for application

For typical physical properties please request our tech data sheet.

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