Part #ee96260a

Viton Fluoroelastomer Compound EE96260A

60 durometer black Viton A fluoroelastomer compound

Durometer: 60
Color: Black
Polymer: Viton A™
% Fluorine: 66%
Cure System: Bisphenol
Color: Black
Compounded for: Transfer, Injection & compression molding
Form: Slab, Strip or Calendered Sheet.
Storage: Preserves best when stored in a cool/dry environment. Rheometer retesting suggested @ 6 months.
Cured Products: Sheet
Stock: Yes

Typical Rheological Properties:
Conditions: MDR .5 ARC 4 minutes @ 370° F (188° C) Per ASTM D-6204.

Min torque: 1.0 Inch/lbs.
Max torque: 10.75 Inch/lbs.
Scorch Ts1: .60 Minutes.
Cure Tc90: .90 Minutes.

Typical Physical Properties:
Conditions: Press cured 10 minutes @ 370° F (188° C) and Post cured for 16 hours @ 480° F (250° C).

Tensile Strength (Per ASTM D-412): 1725 PSI (11.9 Mpa)
100% Modulus (Per ASTM D-412): 315 PSI (2.2 Mpa)
Ultimate Elongation (Per ASTM D-412): 290 %
Shore A Hardness (Per ASTM D-2240): 61 Pts.
Specific Gravity (Per ASTM D-297): 1.84 (H2O=1)
Compression Set (Per ASTM D-395): 7.70 % CONDITIONS: 22 hrs@ 392 ºF (200ºC)
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Compression, Injection, Transfer



Polymer Type

Viton A™




Slab, Strip, Calendered Sheet

Minimum TensIle Strength (PSI)