Specializing in fluoroelastomer extrusion productssince 1983.

O-Ring Cords & Hollow Cord

Our cords are 100% inspected using laser technology to ensure our product meets the required specifications.

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We offer tubing for peristaltic pump, fluid transfer, wire jacketing and many other industrial purposes.

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We offer prints like U-channels, C-channels, P-bulbs and many different shapes and sizes for different industrial applications.

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Our sheet products are fully post cured to give the product the best physical properties possible meeting RMA IP-40 tolerances.

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Hardness Range

50-95 Durometer
(Shore A)

Color Options

Black, Brown, White, Green,
Blue, Yellow, Red and Purple

Certifications & Standards

AMS 3216, AMS 3218, AMS-3384, FDA
Compliant, USP Class VI, and 3A Sanitary

Our Quality Promise

We have been committed to making the highest quality product since 1983

Constant Improvement

All processing equipment is tied to our Variable Control and Process Data Storage System for traceability and continuous improvement.

High Standards

We offer tighter tolerance than industry standard with very close tolerances on certain products.

Best Materials

We only use 100% virgin fluoroelastomer polymers in our extrusion compounds which are formulated and mixed to the highest standards then verified through laboratory testing.

Thorough Testing

All of our O-Ring cord is 100% inspected with a Laser to verify dimensions.

Complete Curing

All extrusions are fully cured in an autoclave and then post cured to give the product the best physical properties possible.

Why Eagle ?

Our Capabilities

O-ring cord, tubing, hollow cord, square cord, rectangle cord, quad cord. In addition, our capabilities include Extrusion Preforms for molding difficult profiles, including but not limited to U-channels, P & D bulbs, etc.

Our Compounds

Specialty compounds designed to offer base resistance, extreme chemical resistance, steam resistance, low temperature resistance as well as conductive and nonconductive properties. We also offer certifiable compounds that meets AMS 3216, USP Class VI and foodgrade.

Our Equipment

Four extrusion lines including 2”, 2.5”, and 3” cold feed extruders offers a wide variety of dimensional capabilities

.035” up to 2” cross section

Autoclave Curing Vessels

Circulating Forced Air Post Curing Ovens

Laser Inspection equipment

Our Inventory

Eagle Elastomer maintains inventory on most sizes of the Black and Brown 75 durometer standard FKM O-Ring cord. We keep inventory on most of our extrusion compounds which allows us to ship our extruded product in short lead times.

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