Specialty Manufacturing Company introduces 845 Series 3/8″ five-way valve

By April 17, 2019News

The Specialty Manufacturing Company introduces the 845 Series 3/8″ five-way valve to solve complex flow control and diversion challenges across a broad range of media.

In addition to the 3/8″ design,the valve can be customized with a variety of NPT and barbed ends. The 845 Series features a 90-degree ported ball with a .312″ through hole diameter that accepts media through the bottom port and directs it to any one of the four side ports — with no flow to the other three. Side ports can also be plugged to create “no-flow” options. Output port selection is confident via the nylon handle and full 360-degree rotation with a tactile and audible click at each port. Panel mount hole requirement is .750″ diameter and accommodates a maximum panel thickness of .375″.

Constructed of solid brass, the 845 Series features an electroless nickel-plated brass ball, 302 stainless steel detent and spring, and has a maximum operating pressure of 500 psi at up to 180ºF, making it suitable for pressure, vacuum operation, and panel applications. The 845 is available with Buna-N, Ethylene Propylene, or Fluoroelastomer (Viton) seals.

The Specialty Manufacturing Company is organized into six vertically-integrated divisions including The Specialty Mfg. Co., a custom manufacturer of metal and plastic valves and hydraulic couplers.

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